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The Sidecar Reconcilliation of the Slaughter Rule

I can’t claim to have been following all of this parliamentary hootenanny too closely. But I’ve tried to a bit lately. At first, the Democrats’ logic reminded me of Dewey Oxberger’s (John Candy in Stripes) explanation of why he doesn’t have to make his bunk:

“What are you doing?  No, no… get off.  Get off.  See… you gotta make my bunk.  See, we’re in Italy.  The guy on the top bunk, he’s gotta make the guy on the bottom’s bunk… he’s gotta make his bed, all the time.  See, it’s in the regulations.  See, if we were in Germany, I’d have to make yours.  But we’re in Italy, so you gotta make mine.  [Shrugs] Regulations.”

But I actually think that’s too logical. I think the Democrats are going for what might be called the Fizzbin maneuver. It’s all crystal clear:

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