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If we have to speak in battleline terms, yes, your loaded asides aid and abet one side even if you’d then duck out for your hammock out of lack of interest. If you really don’t care or really don’t know–or a combination of the two–I’d stay out of it. Not speaking to you, specifically, Derb, or to Cornerites specifically–just voicing what I’d consider a good rule to live by. I’d hope I generally stick to it (though I know I don’t always, and usually regret when I don’t).

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White House

Another Warning Sign

The Mueller report is of course about Russian interference in the 2016 election and about the White House's interference in the resulting investigation. But I couldn’t help also reading the report as a window into the manner of administration that characterizes the Trump era, and therefore as another warning ... Read More

Supreme Court Mulls Citizenship Question for Census

Washington -- The oral arguments the Supreme Court will hear on Tuesday will be more decorous than the gusts of judicial testiness that blew the case up to the nation’s highest tribunal. The case, which raises arcane questions of administrative law but could have widely radiating political and policy ... Read More
Film & TV

Jesus Is Not the Joker

Actors love to think they can play anything, but the job of any half-decent filmmaker is to tell them when they’re not right for a part. If the Rock wants to play Kurt Cobain, try to talk him out of it. Adam Sandler as King Lear is not a great match. And then there’s Joaquin Phoenix. He’s playing Jesus ... Read More