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From The New York Times piece on ABC’s “Lost.”

As “Lost” bloggers have noted, the publicist, Karen Decker, shares her surname with a Nazi propagandist, Will Decker. It is one of the show’s many pleasures that it revels in such indictments of extreme capitalism.

Update: From a reader:

I finally feel that I can say it: the reason I’ve always loved LOST is because of its stance against extreme capitalism. Man, that’s a load off.

And the clever way that the writers work their critiques into each episode is the best part of all! Casting Ro Laren in a role that has absolutely nothing to do with capitalism and then having her say absolutely nothing about capitalism while not acting like a capitalist! It’s… it’s… genius!

Do roomfuls of monkeys write at the NYT?

And from another reader:

Jonah, please,

I would bet good money that the creators of Lost were not thinking of Nazi propagandists but of the assigned captain (ultimately First Officer) of the updated USS Enterprise in the first Star Trek movie; the son of Commodore Decker who gave his life in despair after the Planet Killer destroyed his crew. Biography available here:

I guarantee more viewers thought of Star Trek than of Nazi Germany.


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