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Signs of Life For Kerry in Nh Too

Clark is catching Dean in NH, and Kerry is catching up to both of them. Latest track: Dean 28%, Clark 25%, Kerry 16%. See the American Research Group poll here.

“The drop in ballot preference for Howard Dean has stabilized and women voters who have switched from Dean are giving John Kerry a lift at the expense of Wesley Clark.

While 71% of women likely to vote in the Democratic primary have a favorable opinion of Clark and while Dean leads Clark among men by just 1 percentage point (28% to 27%), Clark continues to trail Dean among women 28% to 19%. Women moving away from Dean are more likely to switch to Kerry. A total of 14% of men say they will vote for Kerry and 18% of women say they will vote for Kerry.

Based on Dick Gephardt’s 1988 Iowa bounce, Kerry has regained enough pre-Iowa ballot strength to challenge Dean and Clark for the lead in New Hampshire should Kerry win in Iowa.”