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Was there an abortion question in the room last night left unasked? An e-mail:

You wrote on the Corner last night about the debate:

Three Debates [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

That Barack Obama opposed protecting the lives of living, outside the womb children has yet to be broached.

Not sure if anyone brought this to your attention.

Last night, in the front row, all the way to the left (if you were on stage looking at the audience), sitting next to the veteran who asked the question about Israel being attacked, was Todd Smith.

You will remember the Smith family from a post you did on the Corner regarding their baby girl who was born and then died in two and a half hours, the Smith family choosing to continue with the pregnancy all the way to birth even knowing that their daughter had a medical condition that only a miracle could overcome.

Angie Smith put up a post about the background of Todd being selected to attend the debate on her blog.

Todd didn’t get to ask his question, and we don’t have any indication what it would have been.

I wonder, though, would if it have been about abortion, perhaps mentioning Obama’s vote on the BAIPA?

Perhaps Angie will update her blog to tell us what it would have been. It would not surprise me if the Smiths chose to keep it to themselves. And knowing the Smiths, I doubt Todd would have used the opportunity for point scoring or grandstanding on abortion or any other issue, certainly not trying to capitalize on his daughter’s death to do so. But it certainly is an issue very close to home for them.

Also, yesterday was the six month anniversary of Audrey Caroline’s birth and death, not an easy day for the Smiths to be sure.

What grace and courage that family has.

Oh, and if you have never seen the video of the song Angie and Todd wrote for Audrey, you can see it here.

(but only if you need a good cry)


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