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Silly Me

for having had the temerity to criticize Irish cuisine on the very eve of St. Paddy’s Day itself. Herewith, a sampling from my inbox.

From one reader:

My fiancee and I ate at the Lemon Tree restaurant in Temple Bar, Dublin in May 2002. Best lamb I ever had, her salmon was also extremely good. Note that neither beast nor fish was boiled — grilled and smoked, respectively. Veggies were also good (not boiled, except rice). All foods had appropriate hues.

From another reader:

Yes, food [in Ireland] has dramatically improved [since you were there with Vice President Bush]. In fact, I would put the best chefs of Ireland up against the best from anywhere else nowadays. This is especially true in Dublin and down in Kerry and the resort areas, and on the West Coast, where the fresh seafood is spectacular.

And from yet another:

The food is often better than good, it can be great. My wife and I were just there in Sept and we had some very fine meals. We stayed at the Merrion and had a wonderful dinner next door (French) and at the hotel itself. We also had great Italian food with my children nearby. And in the country, we had an amazing 2 1/2 hour, 5-course meal in Gorey at a small inn.

And with that, I retire from the field, and ask any other annoyed Irishmen to direct their emails to Rick Brookhiser.


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