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Silver Lining: Major Gains in the Jewish Vote

While last night’s results were disappointing, there was some good news in one demographic that always stumps the GOP.

According to exit polling from the Republican Jewish Coalition, Republicans increased their share of the Jewish vote by almost 50 percent. In 2008, John McCain only won 22 percent of the Jewish vote, while last night Republicans captured 32 percent of the national Jewish vote. The RJC also conducted exit polling in Florida and Ohio, and found that the Republican Jewish vote had increased in those states to 30.3 percent and 31.5 percent respectively. According to Ari Fleischer, “were it not for the bigger inroads, Florida and Ohio wouldn’t have even been close.” Another case for positivity regarding the Jewish vote is the increasing number of Orthodox Jewish voters, who voted in much higher proportions for Mitt Romney: 44 percent  of them nationally went for the Republican, 54.3 percent in Ohio, and 30.2 percent in Florida. The RJC accomplished its goal of dramatically increasing the GOP’s share of the Jewish vote, and demographic trends point the way towards future successes.

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