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Just an FYI in response to the last two weeks of email in re The Simpsons. I didn’t watch last night’s reportedly awful episode nor did I catch the Halloween one either. Basically, I don’t watch it any more. Partly it’s because my Sunday nights are too complicated (and I still don’t have a DVR). But partly it’s because I think the show has declined to the point where I’ll be perfectly happy to catch the ones I’ve missed years from now in re-runs or not at all.

Oh, this is from a reader re last night:


 Jeez…was that the worst Simpson’s episode last night or what? The left-wing shots at the war in Iraq were annoying, but I could handle them. What really put me off was the over the top jabs at the Army. One or two would have been fine, but it seemed like the whole episode was a anti-Army slam. Add in the fact that we just celebrated Veteran’s Day and I cringed for pretty much 30 minutes.

 The trailer for the Simpson’s movie was great. But after this episode, it certainly dampened my enthusiasm to see the movie.