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Singing Along with Mitch

My guest on Q&A today is Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky, the majority leader. I ask him a slew of questions, beginning with, “What difference does it make?” The phrasing is borrowed from Hillary Clinton. The question has to do with having a majority in the Senate. What difference does it make, given that the other party has the presidency, and Barack Obama is willing to push his power to the limit, and past?

I also ask about philosophy. The Left says that McConnell is a right-wing extremist, Attila the Hun. The Right says that he’s an Establishment marshmallow. Which is it? According to McConnell, the Left is right.

Elsewhere in this interview, we talk about Iran, immigration, majority leaders past, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Rand Paul, Ronald Reagan, and basketball in the state of Kentucky. (There are two teams in the tournament at the moment. McConnell went to both universities – an act of political prescience, he says.)

The heading of this post, by the way, refers to a once-popular television show: Sing Along with Mitch. For some strange reason, people think of McConnell as dull, or unsexy. Sexiness to one side, anyone who thinks McConnell is dull has never met him. I have always found him exceptionally lively, candid, and sharp.

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