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The Single-Mother Force

In response to Saturday women in the military postings (here and here), a reader writes:

I spent 12 years in the Navy, and I can tell you, +nothing+ infuriates men

in the military more than discussions of “non-deployable” women. Women fill

many billets, and if they can’t deploy, that means some poor man must deploy

to take her place, thus +increasing+ the overall deployment time for men,

and +decreasing+ the overall deployment time for women. Men have to spend

more time away, and women get to spend more time a

Why is the family time of single female parents more valuable that the

family time of (responsible) married men?

Another consideration — women who want to avoid deployment can get pregnant

and thus get out of it. Men have no such option.

The issue boils under the surface of the whole military, and bills in

Congress to limit the deployability of women make the blood boil of military

men who really can’t do or say much about it, except get out, as I did.


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