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Siwatu-Salama Ra: The Photos from the Incident

As I mentioned in my previous post on the case (which I won’t retread here), I’m working to get some documents from various Detroit-area authorities. Today I got a PDF file containing the cell-phone pictures that Chanell Harvey, Ra’s accuser, took during the incident, and that the prosecutor showed at trial as evidence that Ra didn’t seem scared.

You can see them by clicking here. As a news story I noted in my last post mentioned, they show Ra holding the gun behind her back.

Honestly, these don’t really change my view of the case: There are numerous troubling aspects to it, it deserves close scrutiny, and the gun-rights community should help provide that scrutiny — but from the information publicly available, I can’t say with confidence what actually happened, or whether the jury was wrong to be convinced that Ra was guilty.

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