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The Six-Figure Difference That Palin Woman Makes?

An e-mail: 

I think the main reason certain members of the GOP are upset is that they are jealous they have to pay to go to Iowa and speak to caucus-goers, whereas caucus-goers are willing to pay Palin to speak.  When is the establishment going to realize that this woman REALLY motivates the base and get at least a LITTLE behind her? I personally do not think she will necessarily make the best candidate, but they are actively attempting to sabotage her, which I do not agree with.

UPDATE: And another one, responding: 

A response to the email you posted at 9:11 AM: I think the thrust of the story I read was that no, most Iowans aren’t willing to pay to hear Palin speak. The supposed “jealousy” of other GOP hopefuls is a silly way to frame the problem. I think the willingness of her more ardent supporters to excuse whatever she does – including a clear shakedown of a small, state-based organization – has the potential to get the Republican Party into some of the same hot water we were in for 2006 and 2008.

And one final e-mail:

From my Twitter feed:

@jmartpolitico no indication Palin asked for money for IA speech. Group putting event on, tho, apparently believes that’s way to lure her

I think the biggest problem here is people being so sure of stuff before that have any actual facts to go on.