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Six Quick Ones

1) All my life, gays have pleaded for tolerance, understanding, and respect. They have been right to do so. And they have received more and more of those things. Today, others are pleading for those things from them. (I think of florists and bakers, for example.) They seem in no mood to give them. I can understand — but it’s still wrong.

2) The other day in Salzburg, I was listening to a tableful of Americans and others decry and defame the Republican party, and praise and exalt the Democratic party. (Typical day.) One woman said, “Fiorina is dangerous. She’s smart. She’s dangerous.”

Honestly, she sounded worried. I thought that was a nice compliment to Carly.

3) Our senior editor Rick Brookhiser came up with a characteristic mot: “National Review was tough on immigration when Donald Trump was still on his first wife.”

4) I once knew a writer who said that he always did something when he wanted to avoid writing: clean his apartment. “I had the cleanest apartment in Chicago,” he said.

That was before Twitter — the ultimate writing-avoidance.

5) The maker, or makers, of those Planned Parenthood videos? I think they should win every award under the conservative sun. Under the human sun, actually. They’ve done a tremendous service. Harriet Beecher Stowe, with a novel, rocked the conscience of America. These videos should do something similar, if the American conscience is open to rocking.

6) At The New Criterion, I have a cultural note: some differences between Americans and Europeans when it comes to concert life. That note is here.

Later on.

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