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A reader:

Yesterday you mentioned the unfortunate use of the word “slavish” by Steny Hoyer [at a Ben Cardin for Senate event; Hoyer was speaking about Michael Steele, who is black].  I find it interesting how when George Allen used the word “macaca,” the Washington Post and its left wing ilk taught us the definition of macaca, and how the term in some parts of the world may be deemed racist. It was front page, lead story news. When a Democrat uses the word “slavish” against an African American candidate in what has been a racially tinged campaign, we are told by the MSM that the word has more than one meaning and of no moment. The MSM and the press are despicable in their double standard. I’m assuming it wasn’t front page news in the Washington Post.

The reader would be correct about his front-page assumption. But they do have it in Section B.


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