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Slecht Idee?

French enthusiasts for the draft EU constitution may now be reduced to babbling on about ‘the children’, but, alarmed doubtless by the mounting scandal over the exchange rate at which the Netherlands swapped the Guilder for the Euro (a scandal which is helping the ‘nee’ campaign), one minister in the Dutch government is taking a rather more aggressive tack in their referendum debate (the Dutch vote on June 1, the French on May 29). He’s saying that the Dutch people are too dumb to decide on the constitution for themselves, an announcement that is not only rude, but disappointing given that part of the rationale for this wretched document in the first place was to ‘explain’ the EU to its luckless citizens.

’Plebiscites can be a good thing, but this one is about something the Dutch people know nothing about,’ explained Economics Minister Brinkhorst.

Brinkhorst, old fellow, I’m not convinced that was the smartest thing to say… Arjan at Zacht Ei goes a little further. He thinks that the Dutch government has “lost its mind”.

He has a point.


In Denmark, meanwhile, we have this news (via England Expects):

“It appears that a huge row has bubbled up in Denmark prior to the launch of the Yes and No campaigns for their September referendum. The bottom line is that the PM, despite promising otherwise earlier decided not to send a copy of the treaty to every household citing the cost.”

Adding to the fun, it now turns out that the government has overstated the cost.

Odd, that.


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