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Sleeping with the Enemy

While President Obama has named a CAIR-trained supporter of convicted terrorist Sami al-Arian to be his envoy to the sharia-imposing, free-speech destroying Organization of the Islamic Conference, his hapless Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, is huddling with the Muslim Brotherhood’s U.S. affiliates. Meantime, while Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan’s moronic comments on the recidivism rates of released Gitmo detainees has gotten deserved attention, other aspects of that story — particularly his pandering to Islamist grievance mongers — have gone largely unnoticed.

For a quick round-up, Jen Rubin has more at Contentions on Rashad Hussain’s appearance at a CAIR leadership summit; at Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer details Hussain’s pro-al-Arian comments and the clumsy effort to cover them up; and Powerline’s Scott Johnson points out that they were made at a Muslim Students Association event — the MSA being another Muslim Brotherhood creation. Claudia Rosett’s Forbes column is a great primer on Hussain’s “outreach” target, the OIC. At Pajamas, Richard Pollock has the low-down on Napolitano’s group hug with leaders of ISNA (like CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism finance case), MPAC (supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah), and the Muslim American Society (the Muslim Brotherhood’s American branch, dedicated to replacing American law with sharia), among others. Finally, Michelle Malkin calls attention to unexplored elements of Brennan’s disgraceful performance at NYU, in particular his exchange with Flying Imams ringleader, Omar Shahin.

I’ve been arguing for a number of years now that by refusing to identify the enemy and by focusing myopically on terrorists (or what we now call “violent extremists” because we can’t even bring ourselves to say “terrorist”) while ignoring the Islamist ideology that drives terrorism, we are missing the real threat to the United States: Islamist activists bent on gradually imposing sharia on American society and on eviscerating America’s support for Israel. (See, e.g., my essay, “Beyond Terrorism: The Islamist threat is worse than you think,” in the April 20, 2009 edition of NR.) Implementing sharia is the purpose of jihad. Sharia is antithetical to our Constitution in fundamental ways. Last week, I finally finished a book on this topic, and I’ll have more to say about it in the coming months. For now, suffice it to say that we are in a very dangerous time. The Muslim Brotherhood is our enemy, dedicated to destroying our way of life. To be inviting it into our national-security deliberations — rather than figuring out ways to ostracize, confront, and defeat it — is as bad as it gets.