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Andrew – I hear what you’re saying, and I do agree that there are some rational and decent folks who call themselves fiscally conservative and socially liberal. But many of these people are in fact, really moderates. Also, here in Washington I run into people all of the time who are clearly just liberals, but they are eager to sound serious-minded or to sound inoffensive in mixed ideological company. There are still others — “independents” — who seem to think that choosing the least offensive middle ground position is somehow intellectually superior. Maybe you’re right that my contempt is too broad, but somewhere in the crowd of people, amidst those underserving of my contempt and scorn, there are quite a few who deserve it in spades.


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Let the Churches Speak

Let the Churches Speak

If politicians are starting to threaten religious institutions for internal decisions, maybe it’s time to challenge these erratic expression restrictions.