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A Slight Slight—and An Invitation For Jonah

I’ll be shooting an episode of Uncommon Knowledge early next month with John Micklethwait, one of the co-authors of the op-ed in this morning’s New York Times that has K-Lo and Jonah feeling so miffed, as also of the new book, The Right Nation, on which the op-ed is based. Everyone will be mightily relieved to learn that even if piece in the newspaper today failed to mention WFB and NR, the book itself mentions both, and plenty: WFB appears ten times, NR some 16. From the introduction: “Goldwater’s rise coincided with a growing intellectual ferment on the Right, a ferment that transformed the ‘know-nothing’ wing of the party into the know-it-all-wing–of autodidacts poring over Friedrich Hayek, Milton Friedman and William F. Buckley’s National Review.”

Jonah, in your posting below, you wrote, “If I had more time I’d be interested in seeing the book [The Right Nation]– there was a time when I reviewed books about conservatives more regularly, sigh.” I’ll be shooting the show with John Micklethwait (a friend of mine, I should reveal) out here in California on June 8. Care to join us? Say yes and you’ll be able to read the book on the flight out, no prob.


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