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In “Beyond Gay Marriage,” I traced out a slippery slope, at the bottom of which “marriage would be severed, not only from the complementarity of the sexes but also from its connection to romance and exclusivity–and even from the hope of permanence.” The Nation magazine has now gazed upon the future I sketched out. It’s conclusion? “Gee. Sounds good.” I’m so used to having hot-headed skeptics furiously denounce my slippery slope argument, it’s almost a relief to see The Nation doing everything in its power to roll us downhill. No doubt my critics will now explain why outright advocacy of the “slippery slope” by a key organ on the left really doesn’t mean anything. Of course, I don’t expect to see these radical voices dominate during the height of the battle for same-sex marriage. But after gay marriage has been legalized, you can bet The Nation’s radicals will emerge in full force. Those radicals will make the most of gay marriage–the ultimate weapon in their fight to define marriage out of existence. You can almost hear them licking their chops.


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