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Slouching Toward Blogdom

Just a small observation. Increasingly, readers refer to posts in the Corner as “articles,” “pieces,” and “stories.” If I had to guess I would say this tendency is slightly more common among liberal readers, but I think it only seems that way because strangers or non-regulars seem to do it more than our core audience. And occasional visitors tend to be liberals in my experience.

Regardless, I think it’s interesting though I’m not sure exactly why. I fear that it’s a sign that blog-readers increasingly don’t read whole articles so they call blog posts articles. Maybe not. But it’s definitely becoming a lot more common. Last week, for example, a reader sent a snarky email about how we’d run something like 60 “anti-Clinton articles” in a few days. I wrote back to ask whether he meant posts in the Corner and he said “Yeah, I don’t read the articles.” (By the way most of those “anti-Clinton articles” were simply posted reader emails).

I don’t know if this is all that troubling, but I don’t think it’s a good sign.


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