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Slovakia, Again

With Slovakia’s coalition government having fractured over yesterday’s Eurozone bailout vote, the way is now clear for the left-of-center Social Democrats to throw their votes behind the bailout, which will now be approved by the Slovak parliament. Judging by this month-old report from the Slovak Spectator, this is a vote that’s unlikely to be greeted with much enthusiasm by the country at large:

Nearly half of respondents (47.6 percent) in a recent survey agreed that giving the thumbs-down to the EFSF and ESM bailout funds is wise and responsible, while 32.9 percent think the opposite and another 19.5 percent don’t have a clear-cut opinion on the issue, the TASR newswire reported on Tuesday, September 13.

The Guardian meanwhile reports that the EU’s nobility have been irritated by Slovakia’s annoying and insolent display of democracy:

EU President Herman Van Rompuy and European commission President José Manuel Barroso [have] called on Slovak political parties “to rise above the positioning of short-term politics, and seize the next occasion to ensure a swift adoption of the new agreement.”