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Two stories from the Times of India. One:

NEW DELHI: Prime ministerial lunches are rarely fun affairs. People sort of get on with it, and then get on with their lives. Not on Friday. Early in the day, former US president George Bush, on a pleasure trip to India, announced cheerily, “I’m off to have lunch with my old pal…”

Colleagues reported that Singh was rarely as “chirpy” as he was on Friday afternoon. The conversation was light and sparkling, there was a lot of laughter and banter. So when Singh talked about how much he appreciated the huge gesture of the nuclear deal, Bush quipped, “Yeah, it was a big deal and to get it we had to break a bit of china.”


Washington Gasps At Hillary Charm-El-Shake Offensive That Leaves Islamabad Stunned

Good thing those arrogant swaggering Texas cowboys aren’t blundering around the world screwing up America’s global relationships anymore.

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