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Smartest President

Before I get 500 emails like this one, let me say I know Hoover and TR were smart. Of course, it’s not clear that TR was all that conservative. He certainly thought he was smart enough to fix a lot of things. But, nevertheless, he was a hoss:

Mr. Goldberg,

On the point of “who is the smartest President” you mentioned the assumption

that he is probably a more liberal President. While the intellectual strength of men like Clinton and Carter is fairly certain, I think you leave out a few notable Republicans.

Herbert Hoover was perhaps the world’s most noted engineer who coordinated

Far East mining concerns and created a supply chain management system to

feed Europe after WWI.

The case can be made that Teddy Roosevelt had the most active and wide-ranging intellectual capacity. Check out the range of books he wrote: I know of know other President who was published so much, and most of his books have nothing to do with politics.


Jason A. Greer


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