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Smoke-Free Bars

Ramesh, if I may (so to speak) butt in here, there are, I think, three main reasons for this. (1) The percentage of smokers is much higher among drinkers than amongst the population as a whole, so the economics of non-smoking bars are not quite as clear-cut as at first seems to be the case; (2) Even if they don’t smoke, regular bar-goers are less likely to be the sort of people to believe in that mixture of junk science, hysteria and self-righteousness that together make up that strange and obsessive belief in the peril of ‘passive smoking’. Either that, or these tipplers crave beer more than they are bothered by cigarettes; and (3) thanks to the declining popularity of tobacco, even smoky bars are not so smoky (and thus not so objectionable to non-smokers) as in the past.


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