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SNL Knocks Incoherent Al Sharpton

This past weekend’s Saturday Night Live took a dig at Al Sharpton, mocking the MSNBC host for his incoherence and seemingly blind acceptance of statements by the Obama administration.

Kenan Thompson, SNL’s Al Sharpton, spent the joke segment discussing the “fixed” Obamacare website in a discussion with “unpaid Huffington Post correspondent” Paul Douchet (whose name Sharpton could not pronounce), played by Paul Rudd. “The website now works 90 percent of the time, but Republicans still don’t want to give credit where credit is kind of due,” Sharpton said. The health-care website is “now capable of handling 800,000 folks a day. Wow. That’s 200,000 short of a butt-load,” he said.

To back his claim, Thompson’s Sharpton cites only Obama and the Obama administration: “This law is working. President Obama said it, the White House report said it, and the official white House spokesman said it. That’s three different people. How much more evidence do we need?”

The fake Sharpton then asked viewers to snail mail tweets before mistakenly reading the text on the side of a camera, which he thought was his teleprompter lines.

Via Red Alert.


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