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“Snoozing On The Job”

Yet another British newspaper, this time The Business, on Blair’s dismal and destructive years in office:

…The most important and immediate question that sensible opposition figures should be asking is why Great Britain, without an abnormally large Muslim population by European standards, has become the continent’s capital of Islamo-fascism? This is a legitimate question for any opposition, because the answer lies in profound errors and oversights the Blair government has made since coming to power in 1997…If Mr Blair had truly woken up post-9/11, the laws now being belatedly proposed would already be on the statute book; the jihadists masquerading as Islamic preachers pouring poison into vulnerable young Muslim minds would already be expelled or incarcerated, as they have been in France. But that has not happened and there is no rush to change the status quo…The British government has bankrolled this self-segregation by printing official forms, including, of course, for welfare benefits, in various immigrant languages, ensuring that immigrants can live not only on welfare but in isolation. Welcome to Labour’s definition of a cohesive society. Mr Brown’s shallow materialism has combined with Mr Blair’s trademark ineffectiveness to expose how Britain took a dramatic wrong turn when it opted for multi-culturalism rather than assimilation. The official response to this growing problem – the introduction of loyalty pledges to the Sovereign – is typical Blairite sticking plaster; it means that one bomber can happily swear allegiance to the Queen, then 10 months later plot to blow up her citizens. For years, Britain’s left-leaning establishment rejoiced in its support for multiculturalism. Now we know it has provided the perfect breeding ground for jihad.”

Read the whole thing (the Tories, quite rightly, do not escape criticism either).

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