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Snuffing the IPAB and CFPB Technocracy

It is clear to me that progressives want to dispatch constitutional limited governance and replace it with a democratically unaccountable technocracy.

Two super-agencies attest to that desire. First is the Independent Payment Advisory Board, which has powers over Medicare cost control that exceed those of Congress, the president, and the courts. It is also tailor-made to become a medical-rationing death panel.

IPAB controversies are germane to issues about which I write. But I was unaware of the breathtaking unaccountability of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), which is independent of congressional funding and true oversight.

With the court victory allowing Mick Mulvaney to remain as interim director, the deconstruction of that technocratic high castle has begun.

Meanwhile, Representative Phil Roe (R., Texas) is leading a bipartisan push to repeal IPAB that appears to have a pretty good shot at passing.

None of this would be happening if Hillary Clinton were POTUS.

Whatever one thinks about President Trump’s tumultuous presidency, he will not be pushing to further empower Washington’s bureaucrats. Indeed, one of his more salutary legacies could be snuffing the planned Brussels-style technocracy before it was fully established.


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