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The So-Called Secret Service Scandal

Kathryn – I’m waiting for all of the facts to come in. I have a sneaking suspicion this is all some kind of extremely clever viral marketing campaign paid for by the Colombian Tourism Board. Not only did they get the Secret Service agents to put their bodies on the line, as it were, but they got Hillary Clinton to get her groove on. I’m waiting for the video of buff shirtless Colombian dudes blowing whistles as they pour shots down the Secretary of State’s throat, Tijuana style. I mean seriously, a country that has been synonymous with narco-trafficking and bloodshed for most of my life, in one weekend gets re-branded as Party Central (America)™ They still have to work out some of the kinks (which, I understand is all that some of the Secret Service guys were looking to do). For instance, they need some version of “What happens in Colombia stays in Colombia.” But still, this has been an enormous success for them. Maybe the next step should be hiring Charlie Sheen as a goodwill ambassador?


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