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So the Lollipop League Wasn’t Twisted Enough for You?

The Sci-Fi Channel, home of a certain show about humans and robots at war that I pledged not to name for another few weeks, is producing a “psychedelic, twisted and bizarre” version of — wait for it — The Wizard of Oz. What follows is from Variety (no link, sorry). It is not a joke: “Our goal is to take “Wizard of Oz” to the next level and make it relevant, modern and fresh to a new generation,’ said Dave Howe, general manager of Sci Fi Channel….Using adjectives such as psychedelic, twisted and bizarre to describe ‘Tin Man,’ Sci Fi said the mini turns Dorothy into a young woman named DG, who finds herself plunged into a netherworld called the Outer Zone. Other celebrated characters are reimagined in ‘Tin Man’: the cowardly lion as a wolverine-like creature without backbone, the wicked witch as a sorceress called Azkadellia and the wizard as a larger-than-life figure called the Mystic Man.”

First Wicked, now this. Auntie Em! Auntie Em!

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