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So Many People

have asked me this: “How is there not a NRO party in D.C. tonight? That is a missed opportunity for a drunken right-wing extravaganza.”

Answer: We have to work!!!!!! I’ve been amused at the high volume of 2 am e-mails: WHY ARE YOU NOT POSTING NOW? YOU GET PAID A LOT TO DO THIS. Sorry to say, a) people have actually been giving up family time and the like to post during weekend, nights, etc. Sorry there’ss not more, but I am grateful for the great volume and quality we have—we, of course, think it is worth it. a1. NR IS NOT ROLLING IN DOUGH, part 57. Believe me, you would know it if we were–like we wouldn’t bother you with fundraising drives and subscription plugs.

a2)Vent over.

For any in doubt, be here or be square. We’ll be Cornering, Kerryspotting. Battlegroundering. (?!)Will be all over TV and radio (Fox (Rich), ABC radio (Geraghty), Hugh Hewitt (KLo), Michael Graham (various), BBC (Miller), Laura Ingraham (Byron), Vatican Radio(KLo) and more).

And, for the pizza guy: SEND SCOTCH TOO.