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So My Plan

was to earn a killer Christmas bonus in subscription solds while others were on the NR cruise this week–that NRO longtime faithful would overwhelm us with signing up for the print magazine while everyone was on the cruise that I would wipe the floor with any money made on the cruise. Yeah, right. Not really there yet. (Though THANK YOU to those who have signed up in recent days!) Anyone want to help K-Lo here?

I’m kidding about the bonus and commission stuff–you have heard by now we’re not a profit-making engine here, we’re a cause, we’ve got a mission. And integral to that mission is brining you round the clock commentary (ok, a little slower this week!) on NRO, which NR has invested in, with wisdom, but not without sacrifices–financial and otherwise. Subscribing to the print edition–a completely different product, I should remind you, very little overlap is a way for you to financially support the whole NR enterprise, and get something in return–fortnightly, in your snail-mail box. (Sign up here.) And, of course, if you can’t fit another bloody thing into your snail-mailbox, there’s NR Digital, the no-trees-killed version of the print magazine. You are missing regular visits from MArk Steyn, Rob Long, Rick Brookhiser, John Derbyshire, and many more, if you are not a subscriber.


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