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Social Security Milestone

No doubt about it, we’ve just had a major breakthrough on Social Security. An incredibly powerful House Democrat has publicly come out in favor of compromise. Although he rejects the idea of investment accounts, he does support the president’s progressive indexing proposal. He’s also calling upon Democrats to put forward their own ideas and work toward an agreement with the president. Perhaps most interesting of all, this powerful Democrat has openly chastised Democrat Social Security strategist, Rahm Emanuel, for refusing to deal with the president. True the powerful House Democrat in question is someone who used to have power, and doesn’t anymore. I’m talking about former House Ways and Means Committee chairman, Dan Rostenkowski. Naturally, conservatives aren’t going to like everything this crusty old Democratic bigwig had to say about Social Security. But the interesting thing is that liberals aren’t going to like what Rostenkowski had to say either. But any way you slice it, this is a fascinating story.


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