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‘Soft’ and Good

I see that Charles Krauthammer has at last written his baseball column — and it is a real beauty. Lyrical, smile-making, and sharp. Last fall, I interviewed him and wrote a piece for NR. Toward the end, it said,

Every columnist writes a “soft” column now and then — a column about sports, or fashion, or maybe a beloved former teacher. All summer long, Krauthammer was wanting to write a column about the Washington Nationals, the baseball team. But he never had the opportunity, because “Obama keeps coming at me like a fire hose.” The president is always giving a conservative columnist something to warn about, correct, or condemn.

Obama hasn’t taken a break, unfortunately. The Swedenization of America is a full-time job. (Is that hate speech? An incitement to violence?) We need Krauthammer on his own job, full-time — or nearly full-time. A baseball column now and then is forgivable, especially when it’s a home run (not trying to be cutesy here), as today’s is. We’ll even accept a chess column from him, oh, once a year. Because even an indispensable Obamologist needs diversion.


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