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Soft Dems

I’ve gotten a bunch of interesting emails re today’s G-File. So far they seem to illustrate a point I didn’t have room to flesh out in the column: the huge ideological divide between conservatives and liberals. At this point, I’m really begining to think there’s simply a broad ideological chasm on foreign policy that isn’t bridgeable. Kevin Drum et al think the if the war is so important Republicans should make it bi-partisan. Conservatives think the war is so important liberals should stop whining about partisanship. So the more conservatives don’t care what liberals think, the more liberals think conservatives really aren’t serious about the threat From there it’s easy to see how they think conservatives don’t really believe there’s a threat either, we’re just using it as a “wedge issue.” In other words, from a conservative perspective, the more we do the right thing the more proof it is to liberals that we’re doing the wrong thing. Or something like that.


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