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Softballs For Kerry

Hugh Hewitt, whose blog has been must reading for me during this campaign, used to count out the days since John Kerry had faced open questioning from the press. The presumption was that, if finally given the opportunity, someone in the press would ask Kerry if he’d ever been in Cambodia, or if he’d agree to release his military files. Well, Hewitt doesn’t count out the days any more. Is Kerry still avoiding questions, or is the real problem that the mainstream media isn’t asking them? Diana West reminds us just how badly the media has betrayed its reason for being. I suggest someone start counting out how many days it’s been since the press has failed to ask Kerry if he’s ever been in Cambodia. Or maybe we should create a prize–something like the X Prize–for the first reporter who asks the question.

Stanley Kurtz is a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

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