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Excessive Individualism? Where?

One other thing I forgot to mention. Sohrab Ahmari writes:

The movement we are up against prizes autonomy above all, too; indeed, its ultimate aim is to secure for the individual will the widest possible berth to define what is true and good and beautiful, against the authority of tradition.

I wonder if Jack Philips believes that it is the case that the “the movement we are up against” has as its “ultimate aim” “to secure for the individual will the widest possible berth to define what is true and good.” I suspect that he does not think that is the case, at all. I would bet that Mark Janus has not experienced excessive indulgence of the individual will from his critics. The Left surely has not gone out of its way to accommodate the autonomy of the Little Sisters of the Poor or the people who own Hobby Lobby. Etc.

If that is the argument we are having, then we are having an argument about a fiction.

The actual dispute is about something else entirely. The Left is not much interested in individual moral autonomy. It is interested in the question of who dictates to whom.

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