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Today’s Washington Post features an opinion piece by Kent Greenfield. Greenfield is leading a coalition of law schools and law professors in a suit attempting to overturn the Solomon amendment. The Solomon amendment removes federal funding from universities that bar recruiters from the military. Only recently, the Department of Defense has begun to enforce the Solomon amendment, using it to open up law schools to representatives of the military. Greenfield’s Op-Ed piece is based on the false claim that the Solomon amendment interferes with the free speech rights of those who oppose the military’s don’t ask, don’t tell policy. Actually, any law professor is free to express his opposition to that policy. But law schools cannot take federal funds while also preventing law students from talking to military recruiters. If anyone’s speech is being interfered with, it is that of the students who want to meet with recruiters on campus. Law schools have arranged it so that a student who might disagree with his professor cannot easily hear a reasoned defense of national service-or of the don’t ask, don’t tell policy-from a representative of the military. How is that supportive of free speech? It’s disturbing to see so many law schools and law professors using free speech claims as a cloak for actions that actually inhibit speech. The leftist professorate will do anything it can to protect its monopolistic control of dialogue on campus.


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