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Some Clarification, Please

Cosmo and I were just in the park routing the Squirrilo-Baathist menace in the park, and I listened to NPR on my walkman (yes, I’m very cool). NPR — much like several news networks — keeps referring to reports that we bombed “Saddam’s family home” or his “family’s houses.”

They make it sound like the Widow Hussein, no doubt living on food stamps in a aluminum panneled single family shack was bombed while taking care of her grandkids. Doesn’t Saddam have a gazillion “Presidential Palaces” which are bigger than the District of Columbia? If that’s what we bombed, the press should stop using the Iraqi Ministry of Information’s words, and say we bombed his palaces. If we bombed something else, say so. But please, enough talk about bombing Saddam’s home-sweet-home.


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