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Some Corporations Will Sponsor Anything

The notorious Fulsom Street Fair in San Francisco is a an explicit S & M street fair, complete with nudity and sometimes, public sex. Now, it has corporate sponsors, including the Marriott Marquis Hotel in SF and American Airlines! From the San Francisco Chronicle story:

San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair, the sexually explicit celebration of bondage and leather now in its 30th year, has shaken off its kinky image, attracting mainstream corporate sponsorship from the likes of Marriott Marquis Hotel and American Airlines. “It’s a great, local, San Francisco-based homegrown event, so it’s exciting for the San Francisco Marriott Marquis to be part of it,” said Frank Manchen, director of sales and marketing for the hotel.

Perhaps Manchen shouldn’t have used the word, “excited.” 

Cue the Four Horsemen.


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