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Some Eye-Popping Poll Numbers on Guns and Self-Defense

Let’s take a look at one vivid indicator of just how much Hillary Clinton is pushing her luck on the issue of gun control, as Charlie writes…

OnMessage Inc., a GOP consulting firm that includes the NRA among its clients, commissioned a national survey of 1000 likely voters from July 19-21. The margin for error was 3.1 percent.

The pollster asked, “Please tell me whether you agree or disagree with the following statement: Every American has a fundamental right to self-defense and a right to choose the home defense firearm that is best for them.” The survey found that overall, 76 percent agreed, only 21 percent disagreed. Across the board, respondents agreed with the statement, although in slightly less lopsided margins than the previous question.

Among Republicans, the split was 90-10; independents 71-25; among Democrats, 53-43. Men agreed 73 percent to 23 percent; women agreed 63 percent to 34 percent. African-Americans agreed 65 percent to 25 percent. Hispanics agreed, 80 percent to 18 percent.

They also asked a fascinating question in light of the “war on women” rhetoric. OnMessage asked respondents if they agreed, “The right to firearm ownership is essential to self-defense for women.” Overall, 68 percent agreed, 29 percent disagreed.

Among Republicans, the split was 82-15; independents 79-21; among Democrats, 62-33. Men agreed 82 percent to 16 percent; women agreed 71 percent to 26 percent. The gang at OnMessage contended that opposing self-defense for women was akin to “liberal Kryptonite”, concluding that 56 percent of African Americans agreed’ that the right to firearm ownership is essential to self-defense for women; 65 percent of Hispanics agreed; 41 percent of self described liberals agree and 64 percent of union members agreed.

OnMessage calculated that 51 million Americans own a firearm.

Please, please, please run on a platform of national gun confiscation, Mrs. Clinton. 

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