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An e-mail:

Dear K-Lo:

I always enjoy you on the Hugh Hewitt radio show and at the Corner. Do you ever feel like a baby-sitter for a bunch of unruly boy geniuses?

If I were asked to sing “God Bless the U.S.A.” as Clay Aiken was, I would probably revamp the lyrics, too, if I thought of the song as a tribute to soldiers across the centuries and not just to our forefathers. His 18-year-old brother recently enlisted and I imagine he was an inspiration.

In the Kerry veepstakes, I have four thoughts:

1. The predictable choice: Dick Gephardt. When Kerry refused to cross the picket line to meet with his friends, the mayors, he showed what a high priority labor will be during his campaign. Selecting Gephardt would be consistent with that earlier signal.

2. The unpredictable choice: Max Cleland. The Ralph Reed-Saxby Chambliss campaign was the reason Teresa Heinz Kerry cited for repudiating her Republican affiliation. The Vice Presidential debate would be red meat for the Cheney-haters, among whose numbers Heinz Kerry ranks high. Obviously, I think she is playing a major role in the selection.

3. The if-I-can’t-have-John-McCain-I’ll-settle-for-any-old-Republican choice: The rally in Pennsylvania is to announce that Arlen Specter is becoming a Democrat and/or Kerry’s V.P. choice.

4. The buy-one-get-one-free choice: Teresa for V. P. That would explain the rally in PA and the remark about having fun.

His choice will tell us a lot about Kerry and how strong he thinks his candidacy is. I look forward to reading the reactions of my favorite Cornerites.

Take good care.


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