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Some Giuliani Defenders…

…responding via e-mail: 

–Giuliani’s absolutely right. Abortion is an issue government should never have got into in the first place. It has destroyed conservatism and allowed leftists like GWB to take over the GOP. While those of us who don’t feel it’s an appropriate issue for government can tolerate the “social conservatives” in the interests of a broad church it appears the reverse is untrue. Not a problem — in the long run a Giuliani GOP will pick up far more economic conservatives in the civilized bits of the US than it will lose social conservatives in the sticks, who have nowhere else to go. And at least we won’t have to put up with GWB’s sloppy spending, counterproductive Wilsonian crusades, incompetence and economic and scientific illiteracy.


–I’m surprised at some of the comments regarding Giuliani’s recent statement, but I guess I shouldn’t be.  Personally, I like the direction that Giuliani is taking and support him more now based on those comments.  I consider myself a Reagan/Rudy Republican and feel that our party is far too focused on the hot button social issues that cause more smoke than fire in the world of politics today.  I understand that the Religious Right is one of the strengths of our party, but they are not the only strength in our party.  I would like to see our party move back to our Reaganite roots and away from the compassionate conservatism of the Bush presidency.  Give me a Giuliani who can shrink government and make it more effective and less intrusive than another Republican candidate who will expand our government even further to promote their own social agenda.

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