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Some Giuliani Reaction Via E-Mail

A sampling of the email reaction. I wonder if Rudy even realizes what he’s doing to his candidacy?

–Hi Rich.  Giuliani’s comments are the kind of talk that is going to ensure that the Democrats win the White House.  He’s talking about people ignoring their core beliefs.  I have respect for him and think he’s a great speaker, but as a Christian conservative (ironically, from Iowa) I can honestly tell you that I will not vote for him.  Period.  And I don’t care if it does allow Hillary the presidency…

–As an up until now, pretty stalwart Guliani backer, I must say that the Christie Whittman impersonation ain’t gonna win him any points in my book. He better hope Thompson doesn’t get in or I suspect he’s gonna find out pretty quickly that his poll #’s are mostly a function of his weak opponents.

–Arrogance was always his Achilles Heel…clearly, Rudy thinks he’s locked up the base –  that the Republican conservatives who own the nomination process have nowhere to go. He’s wrong.  I’d rather b**ch about Hilary for four years…

–ALERT!  ALERT!  SELF-DESTRUCTION IMMINENT! Pay close attention, this may be over quickly.

–Doesn’t Giuliani’s comment that “our party” needs to “get beyond issues like” abortion sound a LOT like Howard Dean’s 2004 call for Southerners to stop focusing on “God, guns and gays?”  Sounds like Giuliani and Dean are talking from the same script here.  Different words, same message: “Please set aside your silly antiquated morality and religious beliefs and focus on the REAL issues.” 

–Rich,Got it. In keeping with Rudy’s new paradigm, I’ll also try to get over: 

Cutting taxes to grow the economy and limit the growth of government. I mean, really, if we want to grow as a party, with more and more people on some form of public dole, we need to get over this limited government and reduced taxes hash. So old school. Very restrictive. 

The traditional, nuclear family. More old hat. Half of marriages or some such percentage end in divorce. (He’s done his bit to contribute to these stats.) Many people are remaining single longer. Face it, intact old-fashioned families are a minority. If we are going to grow the Republican Party, we need to get past such paternalistic ideas…. 

A strong defense. Really, this whole superpower thing is so expensive and then nobody likes us anyway. Why do we have to be the sole policeman to the world? It’s time to move beyond such antiquated, Reagan-esque ideas…

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