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Some More From London

An e-mailer:

I live in the centre of London. I live in Kensington and I work in the City. Buckingham Palace is in between. Last evening, my oldest son was confirmed in a church in Knightsbridge, not more than a few hundred yards from the Palace. I have been moving constantly across central London for the last two days.

I tell you this useless and uninteresting information for the sole purpose of advising you that I have yet to see or hear a protester. I have not heard an anti-American remark. Now I’m not saying that there are no protesters and I’m not saying there are no anti-Americans. In fact, I know there are, because I see and hear them on TV 24 hours a day. But in the very least, take this as an unofficial on-the-scene report that London does not appear to this resident as it appears on television.


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