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Some Observations about the North Korean Test

First, is it possible that North Korea would test this missile without the support or at least permission of the People’s Republic of China? As it stands — with North Korea receiving its food and energy from the PRC — they are wards of the Communist Chinese. It is inconceivable that the North Koreans would not serve the high policy of their Chinese masters.

Second, and related, does anyone seriously think it is possible that the North Korean missile test was not designed to embarrass Mr. Obama? While he is preening about a world without nuclear weapons, and beginning his justification for doing away with our rudimentary missile defense systems, the North Koreans launch a missile that further demonstrates their intention of being able to attack the United States or Japan. 

Third, we must thank the North Koreans for at least reminding the American people that the world is a serious place where life and death matters. This is more than our elected representatives are giving us these days. Newt Gingrich, no longer elected, struck just the right tone on Fox News Sunday in taking the threat as seriously as it is warranted. It was in stark contrast to Mr. Obama’s pursuit of a world without nuclear weapons — an idea so ridiculous that it begs the question, “Why not a world without weapons of any kind?”

– Brian T. Kennedy is president of The Claremont Institute.

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