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Some Things Never Change, Iv (Yes, I Lied)

Not really Reagan, just media: From the April 15, 1988, issue of NR: “Ted Turner continues to court the Soviet Union, this time with a seven-hour documentary on “one of the most extraordinary countries in the world…bound together by a dream that is still being dreamt. The Soviet Union–a mighty union!” according to narrator Roy (Jaws) Scheider. “Atheist though the state may be,” he goes, “freedom to worship as you please is enshrined in the Soviet constitution…” Gorbachev is a “new and enlightened leader.” Armenians “have at last found stability–under the Soviet wing.” And, would you believe it, “Russians love thir children.” To think we once wished Turner’s new “patriotic” network well, and rooted for Scheider to get away from that shark.”


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