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Some Things Never Really Change Ii

From the Sept. 6, 1985 issue of NR, in “The Week” again:

Moscow (Aug. 20)–Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev today pleased with Western nations not to impose sanctions against the Soviet Union. In an address to the Supreme Soviet, he stressed his nation’s efforts to control human-rights abuses, extend the franchise, and withdraw troops from Afghanistan. “Our system is imperfect,” he said, “but we are working diligently to correct it. All we ask is time. The legacy of a century can’t be dismantled overnight.” He outlined a three-year plan to guarantee a system of one man, one vote, with opposition press and parties free to organize and express demands and grievances. In Washington, congressional leaders reacted with skepticism. “This is the most abhorrent system on earth,” said Senator Edward Kennedy (D., Mass.). They’ve had plenty of time. We don’t intend to let them stall any more. Justice delayed is justice denied.” Kennedy attacked what he called Administration “coddling” of the Soviet regime.


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