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Someone Please Send Me Good News

E-mails coming in look like this:

He did go negative and lied about their regulation record. McCain let 

him get away with it and gave an awful populist answer. He better 

start  answering better or I’m staying home on election day.

And this from West Palm Beach:

To: Kathryn Lopez

Subject: Obama gets off the opening lie…


… and McCain lets him have it. 


The economic crisis is not due to “the free market run wild”, the “policies of the past 8 years” or “deregulation”.  It is the fault of DEMOCRATIC policies of the  past 20 years and .too much regulation of the wrong kind.  McCain should have slapped Obama down hard and simply told the American people the plain truth.  He would have put Obama on the defensive.  Whatever happened to the “Straight Talk Express”.  When did it turn into the Mealy Mouthed Kiddie Ride? 


Does this man even WANT to be president?  Fred Thompson was criticized for not having that “fire in the belly”, but I have a feeling if he were running and in the fight of his life in October he’d at least call his opponent on blatant LYING.  (Because Heaven knows that Brokow isn’t going to do it.)


I don’t think I can watch this…


UPDATE: One more:

McCain looks like he’s about to yell at Obama to get off his lawn


I just switched over to Law and Order.


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