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Something Beautiful for Marriage and Hope

The family behind Witness to Love, a successful, inspiring, growing marriage-mentoring ministry (Courtesy of the Verret Family)

Friday was my first board meeting as a new board member for Witness to Love, a marriage ministry that uses a mentorship model. I’ve been a fan since 2014, when they were just really getting started – their ten-year anniversary is this year. It’s been amazing to watch their growth, and more so, it’s been so beautiful and inspiring to see how people have been so blessed by it. When so much can look so bleak, what a gift it is to see something that works, a humble yet bold and successful ministry that helps people, meets needs, and started around a family kitchen table. Mary-Rose and Ryan Verret are the founders, and goodness their love is a love for the Church. They really are about love and renewal and the Christian mission. Their family is such a beautiful reminder that God has not given up on us, even if we would if we were God.

Check it out here. And if you are a pray-er, please pray for the mission, because goodness do we need healthy families. And the beautiful thing about Witness to Love is it’s not just the engaged couple who benefits, but the mentor couple.

Something encouraging out there!


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