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Something Rare under the Sun

Today, I conclude my series on Down Home Ranch, a place for the disabled in Texas. (Go here.) The ranch is for disabled adults — 18 and older. There is no upper limit.

People like to help children, and helping children is good. What could be better? But there are also adults who need help. And adults don’t make the best poster children, so to speak.

Jerry and Judy Horton founded Down Home Ranch shortly after they had a disabled daughter. They were thinking about the future. “Sure, we’ll have her at home, and it will be beautiful. But what about later? What about when she becomes an adult? What about after we’re gone?”

All that. These are pressing concerns for parents.

Before I left Down Home Ranch, Jerry had a statement for me. He wanted me to know something. “We’re not saints,” he said. “We are not comfortable with praise. It’s kind of a burden, to be honest.”

I swear, I almost laughed out loud: because nearly all the great people I interview say this. I could practically set my watch to it.

As I say in my series, the Hortons may not be saints, but their ranch is a saintly act, an act of love, something rare under the sun (and the Texas sun can be pretty hot, as you know).